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mandag den 21. september 2015

Getting homework done

I like to get things done. It’s a satisfying feeling to have all of my week’s assignments completed in a timely manner. Working on a project right up to the due date just isn’t my style. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have resistance toward getting things done. I have resistance. But I like having it done and I like the time period after its completion. 
What I mean by “getting it done” isn’t where I do a crappy job on the project and then send it with the requirements just barely fulfilled, it’s where I get the rough idea of the project out on a piece of paper, and then go back and perfect it.
I like studying at cafés with my friends or to just sit down at home in my comfy chair with my computer, a bottle of water, and a bowl of fruit instead in a public school classroom, where water and food aren’t allowed and comfortable chairs are non-existent - u feel me?

How do you like to get your homework/assignments done?♥


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