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onsdag den 8. juli 2015

Sorry for the lack of updates the past week

But I was in TURKEYYYY♥ 
This was my very first real vacay, where it was nothing else but relaxation. And for once, I didn't want to feel the need to document every little thing that I did and stress out over bad wi-fi so that I could blog a bit. I just wanted to enjoy everything in the moment. 
Of course - I DID - take some snapshots here and there, so that's what you'll be seeing in the next 2-3 blog posts. 

I traveled to Alanya with my best friend, Dina & my younger brother Artin. We really had a blast and I honestly already miss the hot weather, ocean blue water and the cute waiter and bartenders lol.

Here's some pics from the first couple of days;


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