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tirsdag den 30. juni 2015


Så er alt pakket og jeg er klar til at drage syd mod Alanya's kyst, for en lækker uges ferie med min best guuuurl frienddddd. Rejser i morgen formiddag klokken 11:50 og er hjemme igen den 8 - so psyched for this♥

Se billeder og følg med på rejsen, på min instagram HER ♥


søndag den 28. juni 2015

Welcome to my new site!

It’s finally here!  After a blogging hiatus, I’m back with a new site! This is a transition I’ve been meaning to make for years, and am so thrilled to have finally done it. Most of you here are probably familiar with my previous blog, www.annahitaz.bloggersdelight.dk, and may be wondering, why the change?! Several factors played into this transition. For starters, I’ve been wanting to switch from the wordpress platform (& agency) to a separately domain hosted blogger site for a long time. The transition to this new site took much longer than expected.  One challenge was learning how to use blogger.  I considered hiring somebody to do it all, but I’m the kind of person who likes to know how everything runs, so I decided to take the hard route and learn a few things myself.  A lot of Google searching and long hours later, I managed to get everything just how I like it!

www.annahitaz.bloggersdelight.dk will remain exactly as it is, but at this time I will no longer be posting there.

What can you expect from this new site?  A little bit of everything.  Lots of beauty and style posts (obviously!), DIY, lifestyle, travel, and just tidbits of happiness!  I’ll be posting regularly, but right now I don’t have a specific schedule in mind.  Once I get back into the swing of things, maybe I’ll set one!
I’m so excited to get back to blogging, I’ve missed you guys!  I hope you all like the new page!
Shorts from Pacsun
Top + white long sleeve cardigan from atmosphere
Shoes from topshop

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